Vladimir Putin is a lying, manipulative, self-serving piece of shit

Vladimir Putin is a lying, manipulative, self-serving piece of shit

So Vladimir Putin wants to lecture the American people about international law and the need for restraint. I’m not sure what pisses me off more: The fact that a former KGB agent whose country invaded neighboring Georgia in 2008 decided to undermine our president by delivering a message of peace and diplomacy directly to the American people. Or the fact that some individuals (on both the left and the right) have allowed their disagreement with the president on this issue to outweigh the fact that we are Americans first and foremost, regardless of politics.

I just want to start off by saying this. Mr. Putin… The very fact that you were able to deliver this message, unfiltered, to the American people is precisely why America is exceptional. In many, many countries all over the world, governments have tried repeatedly to limit and filter the free flow of information. The free flow of information is built into our constitution. It’s woven into our DNA. And if not for the Internet, which Americans created for ourselves and shared with the world, that free flow of information into many countries, including your own, would be cut off. So yes, Americans are exceptional and don’t you fucking forget that.

We are also a nation that is not defined by one man. I have many disagreements with President Obama. I don’t even particularly like the guy. But I will defend any sitting US president in the face of mockery and derision from a foreign government. Particularly one that is “against us” more than you are “with us”.

What else is exceptional about Americans? The fact that most of us are smart enough to see right through your bullshit charade. You mourn the potential fall of the United Nations because of its impotence when your own country has vetoed countless resolutions intended to disarm rogue nations. If the United Nations had any teeth, and if Russia and China had any conviction, there wouldn’t be an Iranian nuclear threat today.

Your op-ed serves only one purpose: To capitalize on the political divisions in America – divisions that exist by the very design of our constitutional framework – to score a cheap political victory and position yourself as a world-leader. And if Russia ever were to become a superpower again, it would be back to its tyrannical ways as soon as the United Nations failed to serve your interests, as it has failed to serve ours time and time again.

Fuck you, Mr. Putin.