From dial-up bulletin board services to the cloud, it’s been a pretty fascinating journey. I needed a place to write down my thoughts, musings, and helpful tips I learned along the way. Hopefully you’ll find something useful here.

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I had the pleasure of working with Josh through the duration of his career with LSI, now Telesystem. The various skills, accomplishments and experiences listed are by themselves impressive and speak to the overwhelming value he brings to any organization.

Warren Reyburn, Telesystem

I worked with Josh while using and testing his TEO software. His pride in providing a quality product is one that every developer should have but is uncommonly found.

Tracy Lenz, Chevron

Josh is one of those rare developers who simply get it. They understand customers, understand needs, understand how NOT to over engineer something and understand that business is about what the customer wants and not what the engineer wants to code. It’s hard to stress how important these skills are.

Rick Segal, JLA Ventures

Josh is one of the most effective application developers in the computer telephony/VoIP industry. While I was at Sylantro, he developed unique applications for me for tablet PCs that were years ahead of what you see on iPhones today.

Bernard Gutnick, Sylantro Systems

Josh is one of the most talented programmers I’ve ever had to privlege of working with. He was able to excite and energize of large community of Tablet PC users with his Tablet Enhancements for Outlook plug-in – adding functionality to Outlook that Microsoft couldn’t and wouldn’t. Highly recommend Josh.

Rob Bushway, Zoe Technologies

Josh is an excellent software developer who has a keen eye for detail, excellent knowledge of what makes what work, and what a customer needs. Highly recommended.

Warner Crocker, Wayside Theater

Josh is a dedicated and seriously focused Developer at Line Systems. This is clearly seen in the quality work he’s done in developing the Infinite OSS application.

Andre Grose, Line Systems

Josh and I worked together on several initiatives in Einstein Tech. Josh is a top-notch .NET developer with excellent architectural and business skills. I’ve truly learned a lot from working and conversing with him!

Andre de Cavaignac, Lab 49