Warren Reyburn, Telesystem

I had the pleasure of working with Josh through the duration of his career with LSI, now Telesystem. The various skills, accomplishments and experiences listed are by themselves impressive and speak to the overwhelming value he brings to any organization.

His primary responsibilities included the development or selection, deployment and support of our software tools and Local Area Network. Additionally he supported our revenue assurance efforts through the selection of vendors, deploying said solutions, providing all relevant data points and assisting with the analysis. He developed an in-house, voice usage, fraud detection system, and incorporated a gross margin analyzer into our SalesForce instance.

What cannot be fully represented on any resume, is his commitment to supporting the stakeholders around him, both internal and external to our organization. Josh’s work ethic is unparalleled. His willingness to go beyond his job description and contribute to the overall success of the company was evident to everyone around him. We would have never achieved our success and maintained as much without Josh’s talents, holistic mindset and dedication.